2 months ago

USHER, Pheelz – Ruin (Official Music Video)

Usher and Pheelz collaborates on a track titled “Ruin,” a fusion of Usher’s smooth R&B vocals and Pheelz’s Afrobeat production. The song features infectious rhythms, catchy melodies, and soulful vocals characteristic of Usher’s style, combined with Pheelz’s knack for creating vibrant and energetic beats.
Lyrically, “Ruin” explore themes of love, desire, and the complexities of relationships, with Usher’s emotive delivery bringing depth and authenticity to the song’s message.
A collaboration between Usher and Pheelz on a track like “Ruin” resulted in a captivating blend of R&B and Afrobeat influences, showcasing the strengths of both artists and appealing to fans of both genres.

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