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On The Rise – ScarLip

In the shadowy realm of underground art, where creativity thrives beyond the constraints of convention, one name resonates with an enigmatic allure: Scarlip.

Sierra Lucas, better known as ScarLip, is an American rapper from New York who has carved a distinct path in the music industry with her powerful lyrics and unique style. Her music primarily blends New York hip hop with gangsta rap, drawing influence from icons like DMX, Onyx, and Cardi B, to whom she looks up for their hardcore aggression in music​​.

ScarLip’s early life was fraught with challenges, including the tragic loss of her mother in a hit-and-run accident and enduring traumatic experiences such as abuse. These hardships profoundly shaped her music and persona. She started writing poetry and crafting raps at age 16 as a means to process her trauma, drawing inspiration from artists like Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, and particularly DMX, whose way of channeling pain into music resonated with her​​.

Her breakout single “Glizzy Gobbler” went viral on TikTok in 2022, leading to a distribution deal with Epic Records. ScarLip’s discography includes impactful singles like “Therapy,” “Foster Care,” and “Suicide Awareness,” with her music addressing serious themes from her life experiences​​. In 2023, she continued to make waves in the music scene, performing alongside Busta Rhymes at the BET Awards and receiving co-signs from industry heavyweights like Cardi B​​​​.

ScarLip’s story is not just one of overcoming adversity but also of using her platform to share her journey and inspire others. She values connecting with her fans and looks forward to releasing new music and continuing her collaboration with other artists in 2024​​. Her upcoming project, “Scars & Stripes,” is highly anticipated and will showcase her as not just a rapper but also a producer, underlining her multifaceted talent and determination to succeed in the industry​​.

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