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On The Rise – 4Batz

4batz, a rising star in the music scene, has quickly captured the attention of both fans and critics alike with his unique sound and intriguing persona. He has even caught the eye of his A-list peers, with co-signs from Kanye WestDrake and SZA to name a few. Originating from Dallas, Texas, 4batz, whose real name is Neko Bennett, has carved a niche for himself with a melodic and soothing tenor that stands in stark contrast to his visually arresting persona characterized by ski masks and gold grills. This juxtaposition has become a hallmark of his artistry, offering a fresh and distinct voice in the landscape of contemporary music​​​​.

His music, deeply rooted in R&B, presents a tender, atmospheric quality that has seen viral success, particularly highlighted in tracks like “Act I: Stickerz ’99” and “Act II: Date @ 8.” The latter catapulted him into the spotlight with over 34 million listens on Spotify, thanks in part to a viral performance on the hit web series From The Block. 4batz’s ability to blend dark, thematic visuals with lyrics about love and relationships has resonated with a wide audience, securing him an impressive following online and positioning him as one of the most promising new acts to emerge in recent times​​​​.

Despite his sudden rise to fame, 4batz remains a somewhat enigmatic figure, with much of his early life and musical origins shrouded in mystery. However, it’s clear that his approach to music and storytelling is deeply personal and reflective of his life experiences. His songs often explore themes of love and intimacy, presented through a blend of blunt, sometimes toxic, lyrical content and pitched-up vocals that distinguish his sound from his peers​​.

In interviews, 4batz has shared insights into his creative process and personal background, revealing a deep commitment to his craft and an independent spirit that has driven his musical journey. He cites his own life’s challenges as the primary inspiration for taking music seriously, underscoring a self-made path to success that is both inspiring and relatable. With influences that span a wide range of R&B legends, from Sadé to Jodeci, 4batz’s musical inspirations are as eclectic as his sound is unique​​.

As fans eagerly await his next move, 4batz’s future in the music industry looks promising. With only a handful of tracks released, he has already established himself as a significant and influential voice. His music not only challenges conventional norms but also offers a refreshing take on contemporary R&B, earning him a place among the genre’s most exciting and innovative new talents​​.

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